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The Remembrance Wall

Some things stand the test of time. Like the love you felt for your first pet. And like the love you feel for your faithful companion today.

The PA State Pet Memorial is a lasting tribute to all pets across the Commonwealth. We have room to honor them all, from the smallest companion mouse, to the beautiful horse you rode faithfully for more than a decade. We have room for all the dogs and cats and animals we’ve loved. All in one place, here at the granite memorial wall.

Main Wall
Granite Wall Piece

For a one time fee of $64, you can secure a place to honor, celebrate and remember your beloved friend. But you’ll do even more. Each memorial wall purchase will provide a $10 donation to the PA State Working Animal Foundation.

The first organization of its kind, the non-profit Foundation, the Pennsylvanis State Working Animal Foundation,  was established to honor, celebrate and remember working animals across the state. A second memorial wall is being built to share the stories of working animals ranging from police K9s, to search and rescue dogs, to therapy horses and everything in between. Varied sizes of plates are available for businesses and individuals to purchse to show their support for Police, Military, Search & Rescue, Service and Therapy Animals. The Foundation has the ability to help you create a lasting memorial to be adhered to this memorial wall. (

Working together, we can celebrate old friends and support another generation of dedicated working animals. A legacy to remember.